Carmax Extended Warranty Cost & Review


Are you an amateur driver on the street and looking for a car to buy? We all have heard that we must start by buying a second-hand car before buying a new one to practice until we get perfect. If you have just learned driving then the chances are that you might be the best at it till now for which you must practice on a second hand bought car or a used car than can be rented or bought. Nobody wishes to spend a dime on something with their hard-earned money and then ruin it.

A few years back even I started by buying a second car. I would like to list down some classic reasons for starting with a used car rather than a brand new. Apart from the facility to sell and buy second-hand cars you can also buy different warranty plans. The CarMax Extended Warranty (also recognized as the MaxCare Insurance Plan) is the most acclaimed plan which is a contract for vehicle servicing that will help you pay if your car needs maintenance.

Save a dime:

For a vehicle, right out of a showroom, all it costs is fewer than a moment to sacrifice 80 to 90 percent of its buying price as it hits used vehicle territories. Going for used buying means you get to spend even less than the car's initial worth (based on the production year and kilometers made), which ensures you can save some big bucks. Once you have a particular budget in mind, you can also leap into a market and go for a bit older vehicle type in almost the same value-band and get a cheaper car than you first dreamed of.

Drive without any worry:

When it comes to a used car and it has some hidden benefits. The main advantage would be the sensation of traveling pressure-free, without the nervousness seeing the first ding or scrape, which is susceptible to even a brand new vehicle. You can also bring it out on long trips as soon as you purchase the vehicle because that's something consumers stop having a brand new car out on long rides before first servicing or examination.

Slow rate of depreciation:

This is no secret that every vehicle undergoes deterioration so as opposed to a new car, a used car has an upper hand with the same. As opposed to a relatively new vehicle it depreciates at a quicker pace. A vehicle's depreciation is at its highest within the first three years after purchase. If you buy a vehicle, you are probably buying the one at a price that has already been depreciated considerably.

Cheaper insurance:

Particularly in comparison to a brand new car, picking up your old car registered will cost you at least less. That even without rising extra taxes and other provisions makes a new car very costly. You can easily find a comparison between the showroom price of a brand new car and the On The Road (OTR) price of a new vehicle on the official website of Carmax.

Authorized and certified dealers:

As the automotive industry has changed, it has also developed the way used vehicles are marketed and bought. Today, you just don't have to focus on either a sly car salesman, broker or individual's verbal guarantee that the used car is just right. Now you have the certifying power at your disposal. You can buy as well as sell your old car on the official website of Carmax Maxcare


  • General Security: No matter whether they are found in the United States or even Canada, consumers are included.
  • Rental Bonus: If the buyer's car is unsafe or dangerous to drive and is often kept late for approved repairs, the client must pay the rental rates from a registered rental agent for up to $40 a day for seven days.
  • Emergency breakdown cover: It's open 24 hours a day, the service and the benefit that everyone can receive from the immediate breakdown cover. It will be accessible 365 days a year for the consumers and all services up to $100 per accident are included.
  • Toll-free Support: You can dial the CarMax MaxCare telephone number and then you will be transferred to the closest authorized department for support.
  • Immediate Assessment: MaxCare is entitled to make an undeviating charge to the contributing assistance agency.
  • Accessible ON ALL CARMAX USED CARS: MaxCare's greatest thing is that it fits all customers, whether or not the vehicle already follows the product pledge.
  • CARMAX Associates Covered: the cookie benefit here is that the parts you could have ordered before you choose to purchase the car are now completely included in this.


Once you buy Carmax Extended Warranty you will get the following facilities and more:


  • Help Compensation and Components such as Wiper, wheels, batteries, and wiper blades.
  • Aftermarket partners or accessories fitted after buying time of the Vehicle.
  • A failure created by breaking or misuse.
  • Instant roadside flat wheel guide does not include the replacement of the tire.
  • Instant Roadside fuel presentation does not include the value of the fuel.
  • Conditions and prohibitions are applicable, please examine the MaxCare Service Agreement for features and a full list of omissions.


I have bought the Carmax Warranty and have been enjoying all the facilities. In case you are wondering to buy the Carmax Extended Warranty then you may contact the customer service of Carmax for the same. 




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